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Lavender: (n) a healing flower that provides the promise of new adventure

Crush: (n) a strong feeling of romantic love


At Lavender Crush, we believe that positive energy creates more positive energy -- that sharing a smile or complimenting a stranger's outfit has a much bigger impact than you might think. We believe that embracing life with a positive attitude and an open heart creates a ripple effect, making the world a more beautiful place in which to live. We believe that happiness is the obvious choice, and we choose to always find the silver (or gold!) lining.

We choose to live in a world where our personal values and our personal style blend seamlessly into one. We believe that objects have energy and meaning, and we pick our outfits as thoughtfully as we pick our friends. 

We encourage you to be you.
Take the yoga class. But also drink the wine and eat those fish tacos.
Indulge in the little things that ignite your spark for life.
Slow down and find balance in today. 

We invite you to embrace your inner bohemian spirit.
Listen to your heart, follow your dreams, enjoy your journey, and join us in spreading a little positivity into your own corner of the world. 



I've been making things for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I'd spend hours weaving friendship bracelets, crafting paper outfits for my stuffed animals, experimenting with watercolors, pastels, markers, or clay... pretty much anything I could get my hands on. My mom still wears a simple necklace with marbled clay beads that I made while in elementary school. Somehow, it actually manages to look like a modern design.

With this upbringing, it was no surprise when I decided to go for my BFA at Maryland Institute College of Art, and then on to pursue a studio art Post-Baccalaureate in France. There I spent my time strolling through the quaint, sun-drenched streets of Aix-en-Provence, drinking plenty of red wine, and inhaling the scents of lavender and freshly baked baguettes. Oh, and making art.  

When that fairytale year ended, the search for an art gallery gig proved to be tricky. And, to be honest, I wasn't really sure that's what I wanted anyway. I stumbled upon an unpaid internship at a fashion showroom in Dallas, Texas, where I spent my days sifting through boxes full of jewelry and hauling heavy suitcases loaded with denim. After a few short years, I successfully worked my way up to West Coast Sales Manager for a fashion showroom in Los Angeles, California. 

While I enjoyed the California lifestyle and the perks of the fashion scene (hello, free clothes!), after a few years I was spending most days fighting the urge to explore a creative outlet. I longed to be part of a creative, meaningful business. One where I could share my own style, positive thoughts, and ideas rather than working to spread someone else's vision that, let's be honest, didn't always align with my own bohemian spirit.  

Between 60-hour work weeks and cross-country business trips, I ordered jewelry tools and a few gemstones to jumpstart my creative process. The first few times that I unpacked my shiny new jewelry pliers and carefully taught myself how to wire-wrap a gemstone, I knew it. THIS is what I was meant to do. Learning jewelry-making from the ground up wouldn't be the easy path, but the satisfaction of creating something beautiful, meaningful, and wearable made me feel alive again.

My goal today is to spread this meaningful energy I've found through jewelry-making with you. I invite you to join me in infusing this positive energy into your everyday life, one Lavender Crush piece at a time.





art-of-yoga-project-logoLavender Crush donates a percentage of each and every sale to The Art of Yoga Project.

The Art of Yoga Project focuses on early intervention to help marginalized and justice-involved girls prepare for a positive future.

Their mission is to lead at-risk, exploited and incarcerated girls toward accountability to self, others, and community by providing practical tools to effect behavioral change. They send specially trained yoga teachers, art therapists, creative arts and writing educators into facilities to deliver our mindfulness-based curriculum.

The Art of Yoga Project is a 501(c)(3) non profit working to end cycles of violence and victimization for marginalized girls in our community.




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