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Hi, I'm Bridgette! I'm the owner, designer and maker behind Lavender Crush jewelry.

I graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA in Fibers, and spent the following decade in Dallas and LA working as a wholesale sales rep in the fashion industry. While I enjoyed the perks of the fashion scene (hello, free clothes!), I spent most days wishing for the time and energy to put my art school creativity to use.

One summer day in 2014, I decided to add some creativity to my daily grind. I bought jewelry supplies, taught myself wire-wrapping techniques, and played with piecing things together. I couldn't believe how alive it made me feel! Something had been reignited in my brain, and there was no going back. Lavender Crush was born.

Each Lavender Crush piece is made with my two hands in Redwood City, CA, and is infused with my fascination of the miniature, and the playful mixing of shapes and textures.

I believe that mini equals magical.

I believe in finding beauty and excitement in the little things.

I believe in wine breaks, coffee talks, lunchtime yoga, and indulging in the chocolate croissant or new pair of shoes.

I am for your inner traveler and wanderluster. I believe that exploring with wide eyes and curious minds makes this world a more exciting and interesting place in which to live.

Explore. Dream. Be curious. Live through your senses. Treat yourself.

Lavender Crush. It's not just jewelry, it's a way of living.




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