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2017 - The Year of Love & Growth

Posted by Bridgette Tritz on

Have you ever picked a word to be the theme of your year? I have. For 2016 I picked "focus" as my, well, focus for the year. Which, um, sort of worked out. Part of that focus was on writing a blog, and the last blog post I wrote was in August, so... yeah. Still working on that.

I wanted to take a different approach in 2017. It's taken me a few weeks into the year to really dive into what I want for the next 365 (or so) days. What do I want to see in my life? How do I want to spend my time? What kind of relationships do I want to develop?

So, I've decided that I want my 2017 to be filled with a ton of love, and the boatloads of growth that comes with it.

Love & Growth. Okay, great! But what does that mean? 

Let's start with love. I think of love as simply sending out positive vibes and good energy into the world. It's opening your heart fully to new possibilities, and letting those opportunities flow into your life. It's seeing the bigger picture and letting things fall into place as they are meant to be. 

It may not always be easy, but that's why I choose this word - so that I can easily come back to it as a reminder when I feel like I'm going off track.

When approaching things with love and an open heart, I believe there will be inevitable growth - personal growth, growth in my jewelry designs, and growth in my business in general.

Yes, of course I want my business to grow. But I want that growth to come from a place of love and positivity. It just means so much more when it comes from a happy place!

And I feel so lucky to be able to share that love, positive energy, and growth with you through my gemstones, my words, and my designs. Thank you so much for joining me along the way!

Now what will your word(s) be for 2017?

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