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Gemstone Spotlight: Magical Moonstone!

Posted by Bridgette Tritz on

Blue Moonstone

We're a little bit obsessed with gemstones. Especially the iridescent ones. But seriously, who isn't? Moonstone is one of our all-time favorites, and it also just happens to be the birthstone of June. 

But why is moonstone really so great?

Well, it's hard to ignore how moonstone shows off its magical iridescent blue hues when the light hits it just right.

But even more than moonstone's pretty, shiny appearance, we're fascinated with the meaning behind it. The properties you absorb from moonstone when you wear it in a piece of jewelry. How it impacts your life. 

The meaning is what drives our real fascination with moonstone, and with all gemstones.

Moonstone has a highly feminine, soothing energy, similar to its namesake, the actual moon. Its milky white appearance resembles the moon, and its gorgeous iridescent blues come and go like the oceans' tides.

The stone of new beginnings, moonstone's energy is ultra nurturing. Wear moonstone jewelry to open your heart and your mind, allowing you to tap into to your intuition and your spirituality. This deeper connection with your true self opens you up to manifest good fortune and success in both your love life and your business life.

Is any of this starting to sound like something you need in your life? Um, yes please!

Moonstone energy is so strongly feminine that you can even use its energy to help with fertility and conception. Pretty crazy what a little gemstone can do, right?!

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Cannes Moonstone Necklace

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