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Oh Hey, Las Vegas: Pool Trade Show

Posted by Bridgette Tritz on

Las Vegas. Sin City. Home to sky-high heels, all night gamblers, over-the-top glitz and glamour shows, and of course, the biggest wholesale fashion trade show on the West Coast!

Last week Lavender Crush had its first booth in the Las Vegas POOLTRADESHOW. The show is a part of MagicWWD, and is pretty much a massive beast of fashion vendors, boutiques, and mainstream buyers from around the world. Cue ALL the excitement and, of course, ALL the anxiety.

I've manned booths for other brands at these shows a zillion times during my years as a wholesale fashion rep, but having my own booth with my own jewelry collection brought out a whole new slew of emotions.

It was absolutely exciting to be able to show in an environment with other talented creatives, and to have this great opportunity to meet new boutique owners and potential clients.

It was also a hell of a lot more stressful knowing that the show's success rests completely on my shoulders. Don't get me wrong. These shows used to totally stress me out as a rep too. So I definitely didn't expect this time to be easy, but I was kind of surprised by the amount of emotional stress I felt as it finally became real after months of prepping. A weird kind of stressful excitement as all the visual components - the fresh new jewelry busts, the bright white tags, the white-washed wooden display boards - started to actually come together about a week before the show.

Pool Trade Show Las Vegas Lavender Crush Jewelry

It's a really amazing thing when you visualize something in your head, and you then watch it become a tangible reality.

But that's why I do what I do, right?! To physically create all the beautiful (and sometimes just funny/quirky) ideas floating around in my head and share them with you!

Hello, creative entrepreneurship: I love you. :)


P.S. It was great to meeting some of you at the show! If we missed each other, I'd love to meet you on the inter-webs. LET'S BE INSTA-FRIENDS!

And If you'd like to see line sheets for your boutique or retail store, I'd love to hear from you! Shoot me an e-mail at Bridgette@lavendercrushdesigns.com.

Pool Trade Show Lavender Crush Jewelry

I had to sneak in some pre-show pool time over the weekend.

Pool Trade Show Las Vegas Lavender Crush Jewelry

A surprise flower delivery from the mister never hurts :)Pool Trade Show Las Vegas Lavender Crush Jewelry

And is Vegas really Vegas if you're not drinking a tall boy while walking through the maze they call a hotel? I think not.

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